Sunday, June 7, 2015

Running for [Birth] Control

On October 4th I will be participating in the The Quesnel Women’s Fall Challenge - I’ll be running in a female only a half marathon. This will be my second half marathon, but I would like to be my first one that I will be running for a cause.  I am a huge advocate for contraception, specifically, birth control pills. I believe The Pill not only negates unwanted pregnancies but it also means that women don’t have to make the difficult decision to have an abortion. My only issue with Birth Control Pills are that if you don’t have Extended Health Care Coverage, then you have to pay the cost of The Pill, which is approximately $25 per month. This become very expensive, especially when the youth are being sexually active at a younger age. I don’t believe abstinence is a solution, I believe that subsidized birth control is a solution. (See my post: International Women’s Day Post. for more information)

A non-profit organization called Options for Sexual Health, AKA The Opts Clinic, is a BC based Women’s Clinic that  provides sexual health services. The Opts Clinic not only provides non-judgemental sexual education programs and an information and referral line, but the Opts Clinic also provides sexually transmitted infection (STI) and PAP testing, pregnancy testing and options, counseling, and general sexual health information and referrals
(https://www.optionsforsexualhealth.org/about-opt). My favorite thing that the Opts Clinic provides is the low-cost contraceptives. 

The Opts Clinic’s vision is to provide options for Sexual Health envisions a society that celebrates healthy sexuality, its diversity of expression, and a positive sexual self-image for individuals throughout life. The organization has been around for over 50 years and there are 60 clinics throughout British Columbia.

I know I was created to change the world and I want to run 13.1 miles knowing that I am contributing to a positive social change. I have been donating $25 each month to the Opts Clinic since I’ve left South America in November. I figure helping pay for someone’s Birth Control Pills for a month is the least I can do. I am asking you to help me help women all over British Columbia by donating to this amazing organization. I know I was created to change the world; will you help me?

To donate directly to The Options for Sexual Health organization: https://www.canadahelps.org/dn/10920

Feel free to post on my blog or send me an email if you’ve contributed to my cause. I would love to let everyone know how much money we’ve raised in October.

Thank you!


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