Friday, January 1, 2016

This will be my year

Hello, Lovely!

Here’s to an amazing 2016:

Let us toast to new adventures, like hiking the 180 kilometer, multi hike Sunshine Trail and heading out to Asia in September;

Here's to drinking more water, and running another half-marathon (I’ve just registered for the Oak Bay Half Marathon in May 29, 2016);

Let’s raise our glasses to saying ‘no’, without explanation, more often and embracing my introverted personality a little more happily;

I promise to work on enjoying the moment rather than jumping from goal to goal;

Let’s fist-pump to adulting, saving more money and tackling my taxes for the last two years and perhaps change my status to single (according to Canada Revenue, I’m still common-law, oops); 

I raise my glass to understanding my single status, knowing that my soul mate may perhaps (as Julia openly states) be my dog, Hugo;

And in good time, here's to celebrating my Nomadic life; here's to not taking my life too seriously, either;

I'm looking forward to a Plant Based Lifestyle and a few more tats;

Let’s celebrate volunteering more, and helping run the OK Cafe, and attending the AGM for the Museum; 

I’m making a mental note to spend more time with family and actively appreciating those moments we are together, rather than thinking it as a chore (as I do from time to time);

I’m excited to be signing up to Candle Light Yoga and dedicate more time to activities and less time to Netflix/multimedia devices;

Today is the first day to make small changes that create big ripples. I know I'm being a little nostalgic, but the time for new beginnings is now. If you want a sign to change to your life, then love, this is it!

Ultimately, my 2016 comes down to a more positive outlook on life – because I am so blessed to have the life I have.



Me -"Do you have a 5 year plan?"
BFF -"No"
Me - "Do you have a 1 year plan?"
BFF -"Yes, create a 5 year plan."