Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dear body:

I’m a very habitual creature. This is my biggest survival mechanism and also one of my greatest downfalls. It doesn’t take me too long to create a routine when I have a new task, I’m in a new place or have a new life. After a few weeks of integrating something in my life, it become easily accomplished but also largely missed once stopped. I would like say that I’m spontaneous, but everything is done cautiously; everything is a calculated risk. See: Downfall. 

Lookout Point on Mt. Pope
So, you understand what an achievement it was that after six weeks of training for my half marathon, today was the first time I’ve ran since Tuesday evening. I somehow managed to strain my left calf muscle to the point where it hurt to flex my toes or when I gently massaged this tender muscle. For the past while I’ve been quite ridged with my training schedule, to the point of overdoing it. My short runs are during the week and I complete my long runs early (7am) Saturdays before the sun takes over the day.  My legs are feeling stronger and my ass is looking quite nice.

Theresa's ass is looking quite nice as well  :)
Last Saturday I did my long run and, on Sunday, my rest day, we decided to hike up Mount Pope, which is 12-14 kilometer hike, in which we were on the trail head at eight am, coffee charged by five.  It was a difficult hike, but overall I felt strong. So, after waking up on Wednesday and having incredible difficulty walking up the stairs, reluctantly, I chose to let my calf heal. So, responsibly, I stretched
 and iced and walked. Allot. 
The Top of Mount Pope
Actively choosing to not run was mentally destroying me. I have learned that I require exercise. I am a happier human when I run. Most of my blogs come while, well, running. I am addicted to those happy endorphins. I love my body more when I run. Yesterday evening despite a great work week, I was a restless mess. I just felt blah (I haven’t felt blah in a long time). I just wanted to go for a run. So, I made a bargain to my body, if only my calf injury would go away:

  1. I will get more sleep. Typically I like to get up early on weekends. I feel as though I’ve wasted the day when I sleep in.
  2. I will drink more water. Admittedly, my caffeine addition (habitual creature) most often replaces my water consumption.
  3. I will wear more dresses. I have several dresses, and I’m very self-conscious about my body. But Megan explained that I’m pretty damn attractive. “But seriously, you are”, said she. So dresses it is.
  4. I will eat more vitamin enriched foods. I know, I know, I do eat healthy, but I’m obviously lacking something seeing as I’m on the road to anemia – My doctors words.
  5. I will read more running memoirs. Sometimes I choose to eat less foods, so I can have the unhealthier foods (deep fried pickles food). To be completely honest, the idea of having a type of eating disorder crosses my mine at my worse moments.
  6. I will dedicate more time to stretching. I usually only stretch for the length of two songs (Crazy Every After – The Rescues and currently, Irreplaceable – Beyonce).
  7. I will run a full marathon before I'm 30. Because this idea scares and excites me.
  8. I will feel less guilty about indulging in brownies and beer and enjoy it more when I do.
So, today after sleeping until 8am! Hugo and I went for a walk, with a water bottle in hand. After eating some salad wraps, I stretched, said a prayer to my body and we ran a careful three miles. I feel like myself again. Six miles, tomorrow, body*.

I am a huge advocate of exercising. I believe physically exhausting your body will help calm and clear your mind.  You’ll also look like a babe.



I dare you to train for a marathon and not have it change your life - Susan Sidoriak

*I did run the 6 miles. It was hot and hard, but oh-so delicious.